Parents know that the key to survival when you have kids, jobs, and other commitments is staying organized. The organization isn’t just a luxury. It’s essential to keeping a house running, keeping the kids occupied, and keeping the house relatively tidy. A creative organization is the best way to keep a happy home running smoothly. If you’ve been struggling to get your home organized and tidy here are 10 genius home hacks that will help you make your home functional as well as fun:

1- Furniture with Storage

Everywhere in your home, you should be using furniture with built-in storage. Ottomans with storage in the living room and bedroom. Benches with storage in the kitchen and mudroom. Look for furniture made for small spaces that has extra storage. You’ll be amazed at how much easier life is with so much extra storage.

2- Rolling Toy Bins

Toy bins with wheels are perfect for kids because they can wheel their toys into any room to play with them, then put them in the bin and wheel them back to their bedrooms, the living room, or the laundry room when they’re done playing. It also makes it easier to shove the toys out of the way when company is coming over.

3- Double Closet Space with Shower Rings

Shower curtain rings are the stuff of dreams when it comes to home organization. They make closet organization easy and can double your available closet space. To hang kids shorts and pants in the closet loop a shower ring through a belt loop and then through the hanger rod. You can hang 5-10 pairs of pants or shorts on one hanger. You can also hang little girls dresses on shower rings by looping the ring through the strap and then over the hanger rod. These beauties can also be used to hang belts and scarves.

4- Organize Cleaning Supplies with a Shoe Organizer

Need more space in the laundry room? Hang an over the door shoe organizer on the back of the laundry room door and tuck stain sticks, laundry pods, and other cleaning supplies in the pockets. The clear pockets make it easy to see where your items are and keep them safely tucked away up high where your kids can’t get into them.

5- Use an Old Dresser Drawer to Store Items under a Bed

Store seasonal clothes, extra linens and other items that you don’t need often under beds using an old dresser drawer. You can use dividers and organizers in the drawers to keep items separated and organized.

6- Use Mini Loaf Pans for Bathroom Organization

Mini loaf pans are fantastic for keeping items organized in the bathroom. You can use them to safely store and organize rings, earrings, hair pins, barrettes or hair elastics, lipsticks, makeup brushes, nail polishes, or dozens of other things. They also sit neatly inside a drawer so you can use them organize desk items in the living room or office.

7- Use a Spice Rack to Organize Art Supplies

Keep your kids art supplies organized but safe from leaks by installing spice racks in the art area. Paints, glue, brushes and other items will be secure and upright so they won’t tip over and won’t leak but are still easy for your kids to reach. You can use plastic hanging file folders to hold art papers, butcher paper, drawing sketch books and craft or scrapbook papers.

8- Use Personalized Baskets by the Front Door

Instead of cluttering up the front hallway with lots of items on hooks give each member of the family a giant personalized basket with their own name label that can be stored under a handy bench. In the basket each person can put their bookbag, purse, hat, gloves, scarf, coat and other items that they need to grab when heading out the door. When they come in the door they can remove all those items and stow them in the basket. Imagine never having to run around looking for mittens when you’re already late for school drop off! It can happen when you use these storage baskets.

9- Keep Kids Study Area Organized With a Shoe Holder

A clear over the door shoe holder can be hung over the side of your child’s homework desk, or from the kitchen island, or over a closet door. You can use it to store pens, erasers, markers, a calculator and other school and office supplies to keep them organized.

10- Use Tension Rods in the Kitchen to Hang Dish Towels

Hang small tension rods in the area over the sink and hang wet dish towels on them to dry. Or use tension rods as a makeshift drying rack in the laundry room if you have a small laundry room. Tension rods are inexpensive, easy to take down or put up, and can be used in dozens of ways around the house.

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