Right after becoming a mommy, responsibilities shift to new directions which require more efforts than ever before. The responsibilities keep growing with your kids and at every stage of child’s development, you find all new challenges!

Kids are our priority; their physical and social development, nutrition, health and wellness. And, in attempt to focus on all this we often forget that we are a big part (the biggest) of their lives and our own health is crucially important too. It’s very simple, if we are not well, we won’t be able to take care of them.

So, the crux is that to become a super mommy, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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Well, in this article, I will sum up 10 tips to help my mommy readers achieve their fitness goals while keeping up with their routine responsibilities. Here it goes:

1- Create a schedule for all tasks and make sure you keep 20 to 30 minutes for yourself which you can utilize all at once or in intervals.

2- Make sure to move more.

3- Getting outside and breathing some fresh air is very important to you. Make sure to get it daily, even if it’s 5 minutes in balcony!

4- Get good sleep. If you can’t afford long hours in night, must take power naps in the day time.

5- Stay hydrated!

6- Limit time on digital devices.

7- Use necessary vitamins. It’s important, because food alone is not going to help!

8- Spend some time on beautifying yourself. It improves your confidence and gives you a fresh start!

9- Stay happy. Yes, everyone has one or more problems, but be content with what you have and count your blessings.

10- Socialize more with likeminded people in real life and not on Facebook!

Stay fit and healthy and you will raise fit and healthy kids!

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