• How to stop a child from throwing things?
  • Toddler throws toys instead of playing……
  • Toddler throwing things and hitting…….
  • 3 year old throwing things………
  • Toddler throwing things all around the house and not placing them back!
  • 3 years old throwing things when angry…
  • 3 years old throws things just for fun, but when I ask to place them back, he doesn’t just listen!
  • Toddler throws toys, food & other hard unyielding objects everywhere!

All of the above and many more were my most searched queries and the answer was to be found just nowhere. All the forums and parenting discussion boards that appeared in the search were full of same questions but not a single answer!

The how to guides on the other hand, were too detailed to discuss correcting all other habits. Some of the guides were too good but honestly, they suggested being an unrealistically calm parent, which is simply not everyone’s piece of cake.

I couldn’t be just calm to see everything spread across the house, moreover, my three years old reacts as if my voice is not even falling on his eardrum when I am asking to place things back….. He even didn’t look at the thing I am pointing in front of him. I tried picking things in my hand to show him what I meant, but he looked everywhere else, but not on my hand!

I tried being loud, being soft, but nothing worked……

Finally, I realized that he’s not just understanding my tone, because he’s not interested in what I say! As he’s always very much interested in doing what I do, I thought to try this method out.

Step 1: Hold his hand firmly (not too tight), no matter he’s crying or trying to get away!

Step 2: Help him pick the things up and place them back.

Step 3: Speak loudly, Pick (thing) up, place it on (table/counter/shelf).

Step 4: Appreciate for everything he places back. Clap, kiss him, say thank you, reward him with his favorite item and so on.

Step 5: Be realistic, and know the fact that he’s a toddler and he doesn’t like the stuff decorated in shelves, exactly like you want…. So, give him some time (yes, to spread 10, 20 items here and there).

Step 6: Do this activity, not more than twice a day.

Step 7: Be Patient yet consistent! He won’t be perfect in a day or two, so keep it going with peace

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