Being a mommy itself is a full time job and most of stay at home mommies find it difficult to carry on other stuff while being a mommy, but time comes when you get enough time out of mommy job that you may want to use it for something positive.

Some stay-at home mommies look for volunteer work, while others look for something to earn some extra money. I’ve always advocated for starting your own business rather than looking for part time jobs because, this is something worth doing, i.e. you are your own boss, you build your business with your kids and after sometime you’ve a tangible asset to sell if you do not want to continue. While a part time job is paying you only till the time you’re working with them.

So, if you are a stay at home mommy and your kid has started going to the nursery, this is the best time to start your own business and rebuild your career in a new, more attractive and highly rewarding direction.

I’ve listed hundreds of ideas in my previous posts and I am sure, you’ll find a few good and most profitable startup businesses out of these lists.

Here are the lists:

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Other than the lists, I’ve also discussed some individual ideas with pros and cons to explain what can actually work and how well it should work. Here are some of those business ideas which in my opinion are worth considering.

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Well, my lists are just my research on successful mommies in business and let me honestly tell you that these women are just like you and me. They’re not celebrities, not too rich, neither have won lotteries or so. They build successful businesses out of nothing, and all it took for them was their passion and hard work!

To help you start with I am sure, you need to check these two articles.

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