The clock is ticking and Christmas is almost there; so the pressure is on for parents (especially mommies) to reserve the items and the hottest toys for their kids. In case of grown up kids, they might already have shared their wish list with you.

Honestly, we all want the best for our kids and so we all keep an eye on cool new stuff. But at time, something that you think will please your kids most can be less than pleasing. So, when it comes to gifts, and especially the Christmas gifts, you actually need to put effort in finding the best items.

Forget about the new arrivals for a moment and think of something different. Research online and go beyond the front rows and explore the items that are not over-the-top; there can be tens of items that can make fun yet practical gift for your kids.

Just like every other parent, I did a lot of online window shopping and created a big list of awesome Christmas gifts ideas for kids. Of course, you cannot buy all that stuff and you have to filter your list to a few items. So, did I do…. and I am so sure, you will love these three best Christmas gift ideas for kids.

1- Multigame Tables:

This one tops my list, because your kids (and in fact you too) will love it. It’s an air hockey table that you can also use to play table tennis or pool. These multigame tables come in variety of combinations; you can enjoy multiple games and once finished, you have a dining table complete with two storage benches.

It’s an ideal investment for families having small living area space. Yes, I consider it as an investment, because it gives you more opportunities to spend more time with your loved ones not just during the holiday season, but long after that.

2- Over the Door Mini Basket Ball Hoop:

With this little sports good, you can take the professional game right into your home. This one is a perfect gift for super active kids and I am sure, your kids will love this because this will channelize their energies into a positive direction.

Moreover, if your kids are basketball enthusiast, they can use this one as training material, because this has same dimensions and design of the NBA official backboard.

3- Electric Guitar:

The joy of this festive season is doubled when there is music. If your kids have special interest is music, this is the best time to present him/her an electric guitar.

I can understand that finding the right instrument can be a daunting task, so I did some more research to find a list of best electric guitars for kids. Check this article and I am sure, you will find the best guitar for your kid in no time.

The Crux:

Buying gifts for kids isn’t the easiest thing ever, and especially when they already have lot of stuff and you cannot just decide what can excite them more. My advice is to look for “good” rather than “what’s new”, because whatever is good will always be “new” and “exciting” for them!

Happy Holidays!

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