Weight loss is challenging at any age, but if you are a female over 30, it’s particularly very hard. Weight loss in 30s require significant time and effort and it may not always be linear, so it may seem impossible to find extra time, especially when your career and family are top priorities. Moreover, as weight loss is not linear, you may find yourself disappointed to see the slow progress.

Well, it doesn’t mean that it impossible for a woman in her 30s to lose weight! It just takes smart planning and organization and you can transform yourself into new you.

This article will guide you through few tips to make your weight loss campaign a success.

1- Identify and eliminate the barriers; weight loss for women is not same as of men, and even your weight loss journey can be different from that of other women because every one of us is unique and so face a few roadblocks during the weight loss process. For instance, if you have a thyroid issue like hypothyroidism, get it checked and fixed before starting of weight loss campaign. The second most common barrier is managing time for exercise, which you must do it yourself; remember, that exercise is crucial as it boosts your metabolism which ultimately speeds up the fat burning process. The best time for exercise is either the first thing in the morning or the last thing of the day.

2- Understand muscle and metabolism; some people may suggest you work on diet control, but being a woman in 30s, you must have to understand that you must build and keep a muscle mass to support a healthy metabolism. Building muscle mass doesn’t just help your body burn more calories while at rest, but also shapes and fine tunes your body.  This article better explains the phenomenon.

3- Learn to manage stress; 30s can be the most stressful time because you are going through several hormonal changes, you have to bring a balance between career and family, and at times the relationship issues can drain your energies too. Stress can not only ruin your emotional health but can play as the biggest hurdle in your weight loss campaign. You may be emotional eating, miss an exercise routine, or feel fatigued, all because of stress. Get support from friends and family or consult a certified professional if you think you are stressed and get rid of it.

The Bottom Line:

Being a busy woman in 30s you may find that first diet you see in a fashion magazine very tempting, but it’s not going to help you in weight loss unless you do it according to your particular situation.

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