Believe it or not, foundation is one of the trickiest makeup products. While foundation can give you flawless, younger looking and fresher skin, it can do the opposite too if you do not apply it correctly!

For some reasons, it took me long to get settled with a foundation that best suits me. I’ve battled with foundations for a long time and finally got on track. In this article, I will share my story of finding the right foundation.

Step 1- Love Your Skin:

The biggest mistake that I made, was to try just everything in the beginning, without considering the need of my skin. As a result, some products really damaged my sensitive skin. Having sensitive skin doesn’t just mean that a product will react right away, but in many cases the effects appear days after using it!

So, if you witness a breakout a week after trying a new product, or observe tanned skin afterwards, just stop there right away.

The best way is to refrain from using makeup unless you are sure that it’s not going to damage your sensitive skin. Here’s a super useful article for choosing foundation for sensitive skin. Do check it out and follow the instructions!

Step 2- Know Your Skin Type & Type of Foundation That Goes With It:

Different skin types react differently to the same product, i.e. dry skin will require a foundation that has extra moisture, so if you apply the same on oily skin, it’s going to be a mess.

If you actually want to look younger and less tired, it’s important to determine which type your skin actually needs.

  • Noncomedogenic (i.e. pore-clogging), oil-free and oil-absorbing formulas are best for oily skin.
  • Mineral-based, fragrance, dyes and preservative free formulas are best for sensitive skin.
  • Creamy, moisturizing foundation suit dry skin best because they keep your face hydrated.

Step 3- Choose the Right Color:

Nothing is more embarrassing then noticing that your face doesn’t match your neck. Well, that happened to me various times, and lately I discovered that the wrong foundation color is the culprit.

Well, I used to buy foundation by testing it on my hand, which is wrong!

See, skin of your hands is way too different than that on your face, so if you plan to buy foundation, go to shopping without makeup and always keep baby wipes with you. Test the foundations on your jawline, nose, and cheeks! Test one, wipe clean it and then test another.

The proper shade should disappear into your skin. So, always test a foundation in day time, i.e. test it in the store and then head out into the daylight to see how it looks away from the harsh lights inside the store. If it’s still invisible, you’ve found the right foundation for you.

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