A research study published in the journal “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” in 2010 revealed an interesting fact about the benefits of drumming for children. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a drumming program in LA called “Beat the Odds” and found that participating in drumming activities led to significant social and emotional improvements for the students involved.

Well, this is not the only study that reveals the benefits of drumming for children and it is evident from extensive researches that drumming can significantly help children excel in social and emotional as well as educational endeavors.

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So, what exactly can drumming do?

Drumming is probably the easiest one to learn, and even someone who has never played a musical instrument can participate in a drumming experience. This is why, it is beneficial not just for normal kids but also for children with special needs, and the ones having learning difficulties.

Here are some ways, I believe drumming is beneficial for children:

1- Participating in a drumming activity is probably the best way for kids to express their feelings and in fact there’s nothing much better than a drum for releasing anger and tantrums.

2- At first you may not be obvious, but different playing techniques can actually help a kid develop better fine and gross motor skills.

3- Drumming activity can greatly help hyperactive children to increase their attention span and develop impulse control which can ultimately help in in better decision-making later.

4- Drumming is often a collaborative and interactive activity, and while learning drumming, a child can actually develop important skills like turn-taking and sharing. It is also very helpful for children to feel being a part of a group contributing towards a common goal. So, if your kid is lacking social interactions, having difficulties in making new friends or doing group activities, drumming is probably the best option to support him.

The Bottom Line:

As it is evident from many researches that drumming has a positive effect on social behaviors, grief, self-expression, and learning for children. So, why not to give it a try!

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