HR business opportunities are far more than you can think of. If you’re a mommy with working experience in the HR industry and you just took a break to enjoy the motherhood fully, you must think of starting a small scale HR business that you can setup right from home.

Opportunities are countless, but you must have the expertise and skills to formulate HR strategies, execute HR operations and above all hands on experience of using HR tools for small business can give you a competitive advantage.

So, are you ready? Start thinking from these 4 ideas below:

1- Resume Improvement Company

There are thousands of candidates out there looking for someone to review their resume for the purposes of making any improvements and revisions where necessary. You can charge anything between $75 and $100 per client and can offer services like cover letters, Linkedin Profile improvement etc. along with resume writing and improvement.

2- Hiring Management

Though it’s the company’s senior management who finalizes a candidate, but he has to undergo a series of interviews and tests prior to meeting the higher management. Form pre-screening of applicants to set them up with interview, it requires an efficient HR manager which most of the small businesses cannot afford because they just need to hire a few resources.

Helping such small businesses with their short term HR needs you can charge them $200 to $500 depending upon the industry and seniority of the job. Moreover, you can also charge the candidate with 1 month of their salary to be paid in 3 to 6 installments if they get hired!

3- Niche Recruiter

Recruitment in some particular industries is highly challenging, i.e. technical jobs, senior level field jobs etc. Since, these jobs are limited in numbers and require extensive work from the recruitment point of view, not every business can afford a complete department for the purpose of one time or once a year hiring.

Establishing your own niche recruitment firm, you can help these companies and can charge anything +1000 per recruitment.

4- HR Strategist:

More and more businesses want to increase organizational productivity by better utilizing their human resources, but hiring an HR strategist can be too expensive for them. As it requires less than 10 hours/week, you can offer your strategist services to multiple organizations and grow yourself with them.

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