If you have been using your fur coat for many years, then you might feel that the coat needs to be changed somehow. In such situations, an alteration is what you need. And below, we look at four ways you can alter your fur coat.

1- Change the Hem

The simplest way to alter your fur coat is to change the hem. In all probability, your coat is very long and mostly used on formal occasions. But if you make it shorter, you can easily wear it for casual purposes also. And the easiest way to shorten the coat is to change the hem. Take the coat to a fur alteration service and they will adjust the hem so that the coat is shortened as per your needs. If your coat has enough material, then the alteration service may also be able to increase the length of the coat. But this is something that happens rarely. And in most cases, fur alterations involving the hem is restricted to shortening the coat.

2- Alter the Sleeves

Are your sleeves too long? If so, you can give it to an alteration service and ask them to shorten it to a comfortable size. You can also remove it completely if you want to have a new look for the coat. Other alterations you can make to the sleeves include redoing the seams or adding extra fur to its end.

3- Shearing

Another way to alter the fur coat is to shear it. What this means is that the length of the furs will be cut short. This is ideal if you are not particularly fond of the long hairs or just want to have a new texture for the fur coat. A side benefit is that shearing will make the coat lighter and easier to wear.

4- New Color

A fur coat’s color will lose its life as the years pass on. So, if that is the case with your coat, then an ideal alteration to do will be to try and change the color of the fur. Though color options were limited in the past, today there are no such limitations. You can choose from a large variety of colors to dye your fur with. The coloring process is not harmful to the pelt underneath. So, you can go ahead and recolor the fur without damaging the coat.

And if you have no interest in using the fur coat any longer, then rather than disposing or giving it away, consider altering it into something new, like a blanket, a hat or a vest. You can also combine it with other clothes and create a new garment. And if you have boots, then you can use the fur to add character to it. Talk with the people at the alteration service and they should be able to give you a good idea as to what is possible with your fur coat.

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