Maternity leave if not planned well, can screw your post leave period and you may not find it pleasant getting back to work afterwards. Being first time mom, you should know that life at home with baby is way too different than that of life at work and you have to deal with a new situation for the very first time and things can be quite frustrating at times.

Though there’s quite a lot of uncertainty about your delivery date, the labour itself, post-natal issues etc. and all this can turn your day to day life upside down. So, the best way to make most out of your maternity leave is to plan it ahead.

Here’re some tips to make your maternity leave more fruitful and full of life.

1- Know Your Rights:

Telling your boss that you’re pregnant is not enough. It is very important to talk to your company’s human resources department and know what kind of maternity leave you’re entitled to, and how long your job will be held for you.

Remember that every company doesn’t offer paid leave; at times mommies have to combine sick days, vacation time, and/or short-term disability insurance etc. to receive money for the off days. Every state has its own provisions for leave, so research them; here you can learn about California Maternity Leave.

2- Plan Early:

Not all pregnancies are same, and you should be ready for emergencies and un-expected chores, and to stay organized in all such situations, you must plan things ahead. At office, it’s is important todiscuss with your manager what you can do to ease the transition. You may be asked to help hire and train a temporary replacement or to divvy up your duties among your peers.

3- Keep Control of Financials:

Chances are you’ll need some extra funds to cover your time off. Moreover, I can tell you from personal experience that, once the baby comes to the world, you cannot resist some “extra” expenses. So, you must be prepared for “low/no saving” in post baby period. The best time to develop a good saving habit is before the baby arrives.

4- Plan Post Maternity Leave Period Ahead:

It’s not just the maternity leave period that needs to be planned, but also the time when you’ve to get back to office. You’ll need child care for sure, but most of the child-care providers do not accept a child younger than six months.

So, figure it out, when your partner can manage the leave, whom from friends and family you can trust to hand over your child till he’s six months and which child care you will put your child in.

I am sure, planning your maternity leave as discussed above will ease the process and you can actually enjoy your maternity leave.

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