If you are planning to turn your living room into an elegant space, you might already have done a lot of research on design & décor, but let me tell you that you can bring a very pleasant change simply by working on lighting.

You can transform your ordinary looking living room and dining area into a very stylish and enjoyable place simply by adjusting the style and colors of lighting. Well, when it comes to styles and sophisticated lighting, pendants are probably the most versatile and super stylish lighting choice for the living room and dining area.

Your living room and dining area can get a complete makeover using the right pendant and the existing stuff. However, when it comes to choose the right pendant, it may not be as easy as it looks, i.e. you have to consider many things and this article will discuss few important tips to help you get the right pendant lighting.

1- First and foremost thing is to consider the size of the space the pendant will feature in, i.e. an undersized pendant will go unnoticed, and an oversized one will give your room a cluttered look. Remember that the perfect pendant is the one that complements the space and does not overshadow it.

2- Know the exact measurements; pendants over the tables look gorgeously elegant, but it may not look good if the installation is not proper. Technically, the pendants over tables should be hung approximately 1.7m from the floor. This helps in avoiding the light becoming intrusive while people are sitting at the tables.

3- Have some flexibility; the best way is to add dimmers, but in case if a dimmer isn’t possible, do have separate switches for different lights in the room.

4- Do not ignore the trends; following the lighting trends can help you find out the best option for your space. For instance, clustering is very popular now a days, i.e. an odd number of pendants clustered at different heights. Clustering doesn’t just go well over the table, but can be of a great value to light up the corners of a room, a staircase and the corridors.

I am sure, the above tips would have given you a quick start to explore more about how to transform your living room simply by lighting.

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