Almost everyone is interested in celebrity gossips and sneak peak into their personal lives, at least once in their life span. This is a good entertainment, but besides just entertainment, there’s lot to learn from their best practices.

Nicole Kidman has been my all time favorite, may not be due to her work, but for the fact that she prefers family over career. Celebrity News recently wrote that Southern side suits her most and she says, “it’s where my husband’s career is and I love it”. The other reason for me to follow Kidman is the fact that she is aging so gracefully.

Watching her interviews and reading about her, I came to know a lot about her healthy lifestyle, and so sharing top five picks that I feel every mom should know and follow.

Here it goes:

1- She Puts Her Health & Hygiene  First:

In an interview to Women’s Health Magazine, Kidman said, “Over the years I’ve realized that if you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing”. So all the ladies out there, make sure your health comes first, because you can take care of your kids and hubby well, only when you are in good health.

2- She Looks for Diversity in Workouts:

Nicole, being a fitness enthusiast practices diverse workouts in routine, but I like this idea more because I get bored with the same workout sooner. Don’t just stick to a single option, rather do yoga, run, meditate, do cardio, strength training, play your favorite sport or even play with kids.

3- She Follows Balanced Diet:

Nicole, in an interview mentioned that at times she really feels tempted to eat junk and processed foods, but she abides by 80/20 principle to deal with such situations. It’s moderation in eating habits that helped her maintained such an awesome figure in this age.

4- Her Favourite Fashion Trend is “Comfort”:

Kidman says, “we don’t have to shave our legs ALL WINTER”. Besides that she loves to be in pajamas and those oversized shirts when at home, and loves jeans with Ts in casual. Well, getting your body in that comfort is extremely important to relax and get refreshed!

5- She’s Proud of Her Origin:

Well, for some this may not be an item in the “healthy lifestyle” list, but for me it is because I feel that being yourself gives you the confidence that no adopted lifestyle can. She’s a big Hollywood star, but wants everyone to know she’s a proud Aussie.

Love her or not, do follow her good habits and healthy lifestyle. It’s surely going to bring some positive changes in your life!

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