Oh wow, I feel so happy when I get company especially MTB riders who love to ride in single speed. Welcome to my world of the bike. I love to ride bike especially mountain bike. As a mountain ride biker, you have come across this term single speed. Here I will talk about 5 reasons why every MTB riders should consider a single speed. Don’t ride away.

When I was new with a mountain bike, I didn’t like the term single speed. Because on a mountain bike, there are options to use gear. With the gear used, you can go uphill easily and can control the speed while coming down. So why to take so hardship in not using the gear? Why limit all the options and use only one gear? But till this ride is so popular among the riders that I had to go for it.

Yes, for the first time it was hard. Especially going up to the hill was breathtaking and needed a lot of hardship. But I couldn’t come back to use all the gear options. I was trying and trying and soon it became my passion. Now I can ride in hard terrain easily with single speed and I love this speed option.

Now I will give reasons to consider this single speed:

  • It is a very challenging ride. You can go on rocky hilltop easily with using various gear of your bike. It will not take time and you will not feel any tiredness. But when you use the single speed gear of your bike, you will find your breathing is heavy and you are struggling with your body and bike just going a few mile up. But you feel the challenge to go up and finish it.
  • You will feel stronger and confident when you opt to single speed. The one gear option will turn into the best bike rider. Your leg muscle will be stronger than before because you have to use your leg harder with the gear to go up the hill. This ride will turn you into a good planner. Before riding in the terrain, you have to know the way and focus on the steps. You would not do this if you use different gear ration on your bike.
  • Avoid using derailleur. This part gets broken. Sometimes this broken issue gives you a tough time in the trailer. So it is better to avoid this part. After eliminating the derailleur, the ride gets silent. You will enjoy this silent ride on the trail.
  • Single speed needs low maintenance. Because in single speed bike there is no extra things are needed. So no extra things and no hassle to fix this. All you need is airing the tires and oiling the chain.
  • You will learn momentum with single speed bike. Because in this bike as there is no option of changing gear. So you have to learn to control the bike in speed. You will learn to build speed, braking less and let the bike run. For this, you will know your old trail in a new way.

Now what features to consider choosing an MTB bike:

  • What will be the purpose of the bike? Is it for competition ride or riding in the trail? Both purpose is totally different. The frame, chain, and tires will be different for a different purpose.
  • There is two type of material in the bike. One is alloy steel and the other one is Nickle plated. The alloy steel makes the bike light and less expensive. And the Nickle plated chain is high in the quality bike.
  • Chain length varies the speed of your bike. In single speed bike, the chain length stays short. People use this bike for low cost or building the leg muscle strength. It is also considered as fun.

If you are new to the mountain bike, you have to consider different speed variation chain in the bike.

  • The bike has to be easy to clean and use. Because you will need to clean your bike more or less after riding on a trail.

A mountain bike really a worthy bike to own. This bike has all option of fun. You can enjoy an easy ride with different gear option or a single speed ride with one gear option. You have to choose in between them. when you will have enough confidence and strength to enjoy a single speed ride than you have to try it.

It really adventurous and fun to ride with single speed. Also, it helps a lot in teaching skill with the bike. So if you are an MTB rider than you have to go for single speed. Here I have given 5 reasons why every MTB riders should consider a single speed. Once you are used to single speed you will not change it for a long time. Actually, single speed is for them who love a challenge and has focus. It is not easy to go up in the hill with single speed, it needs determination and hard work. Some may just avoid this ride as the mountain bike has various kind of gear options. But people who like me love challenger and adventure have to try single speed once in a lifetime. You will have a new view of your old trailer and trust me it will be your life-changing ride.

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