Life being a mother is probably the most beautiful feeling in the world, however, it comes with a lot of challenges which you must be prepared. Healthy cooking is one such challenge every mommy faces today. We want to serve the healthiest food to our kids, and that too faster and without much hassle. In the quest of “fast healthy cooking” I discovered instantpots; programmable electric pressure cookers with a lot of extra functionality.

It has a lot of benefits, that I am sure, it can be a life saver for any mommy and the reasons that convinced me to buy one are:

  • It’s definitely safe with 10 state of the art built-in safety mechanisms and technologies. I read a lot of reviews by women using instant pot pressure cooker for more than a year and find it a safe appliance.
  • It saves a lot of cooking time, i.e. meats that take 4 to 8 hours in regular cooking can be cooked well in under 60 minutes. Less cooking time means, saving electricity costs as well as your energies. Moreover, since the cooking process is fully automated, you do not need to stand by the cooker to stir or adjust the heat. You can do other chores while the food is cooking.
  • It’s not just an electric pressure cooker, but also comes with a variety of other options, i.e. a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté/browning pan, yogurt maker, and warming pot. So, it’s definitely a must have for small kitchens.
  • Sweating in the kitchen is the worst nightmare of mommies, especially those living in the warm/hot regions. Instant Pot cookers are designed to cook without heating up the surroundings, so no more sweating while cooking. Moreover, the cooker is also designed to have no steam, no smell and no noise, while cooking.
  • Yes, I can understand your confusion regarding operating a new kind of appliance, but this one comes with a detailed instructions manual, making you proud of your choice.

The Bottom Line:

Well, the list of benefits is quite long as I found through different reviews, but, the above ones are enough to convince me and a lot of others to have this awesome appliance in the kitchen. And, I am so excited to have one in my kitchen sooner!

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