Winters have come and your furnace is your most reliable support to help you beat the chilling blow of the season. The last thing that you want to see is your furnace breaking down on a chilling winter day. It is actually unbearable…!!

But this might actually happen to you, if you are not taking proper care of your furnace. It is not only the break down that you should fear but also its condition. If you repair it and then bring it to market for exchange you are going to get a valuable deal, but without repair it is no more than scrap.

1- Strange Sounds

The furnace usually makes no sound and does not even let its presence feel but if lately it has started making some noises then you must pay heed to them. The reason for these screeching and squealing sounds could be the clogged fans in blower which does not allow it to run smoothly.

So, either you would need to get the fan motor repaired or replaced to bring its functioning back to normal.

2- The Room Is Not Getting Any Warmer

When you switch on the furnace it immediately starts to take the temperature up but if that is not happening then you must pay attention to your furnace. It is like you turn the furnace on and but see no flames inside or even if you see, it is taking too long to make that happen. The problem might be with the furnace or its thermostat. In either of these cases, the heating would not take place and you will be faced with botheration. Here, the professional might clean the furnace filter and repair the thermostat wiring or simply replace the damaged parts and restore it to normal. It needs to have an annual maintenance session and regular furnace repairs to keep it functioning smoothly.

3- Check for Any Water or Gas Leak

Your furnace runs on two fuels. One is gas and the other is water. These two elements inside your furnace can get leaked. If the water is leaking you will see it welling up around your furnace. Though it is not that potentially dangerous but when this happens your furnace surely would not be functioning properly and the space would not get heated so you need to keep a check on it.

Secondly, a gas leak is much more dangerous. If that happens then you need to shut the furnace down and also turn off the valve causing so because this might led to a fire the house has lit up any other things. In both these cases, call a professional immediately and get the repairs done.

4- Heavy Power Bills

No doubt the furnaces consume a hell lot of energy. They are already costing you huge in terms of electricity bills but if that proportion is going higher than normal then it is time to show some extra prudence and check for any damages.

Like the filters might have got clogged, the fans might not be running smoothly, the thermostat might have blackened wires or any other component may have met with damage. In all these cases, the damage could be really small that would keep the furnace running but will make its functioning rougher due to which it would be consuming more energy so you need to get that checked by a professional and get the repairs done.

5- Keep A Check on Pilot Lights

You might not be aware of the fact that by watching the flame of the furnace one could actually make out its working condition.


If the furnace is running on a blue flame it is fine but if the flame if yellow it indicates a danger. A yellow flame would clearly mean that a proper combustion is not taking place and the reason for that could be any obstruction in the airflow. This is something that a technician can deal easily, so get it done soon.

So, look out for these signs which tell you when your furnace needs to be taken for repair.

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