Are you seeing some fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin?

Has your skin tone become more uneven?

Have you developed some brown spots?

Welcome to 30s!

Right after your sweet twenties end, you happen to see almost all of the above problems with your skin and at times, these may be intense as well.

Well, aging is a natural process and all these happenings are very obvious, however, with a commitment to a good skin care regimen, you can maintain a healthy skin and a brighter complexion that may last beyond your 30s.

To combat the aging at 30s, here are my findings:

1- Cleanse in Morning and Night:

Yes, you need to cleanse twice. It is a must to remove that make-up and dirt in the evening and give your face a fresh start with cleansing in the morning.

Moisturize, Moisturize & Moisturize:

Your day must be started right by moisturizing skin with a formula that contains a broad spectrum SPF15 or higher if you are going out. Besides that moisturize your skin right after each wash, if you happen to wash face multiple times in the day.

And of course, moisturizing right before going to bed is a must too!

Use the Required Serum:

If you have not been careful before 30s, you may feel that some fine lines, wrinkles or dark spots are already there and they are not being handled by the home remedies. So, get the right serum now and make sure to give it to your skin in the night before night moisturizer.

Serums are concentrated with rich anti-aging and anti-spot ingredients and penetrate more effectively in the skin to reconstruct it.

Take Care of Your Eyes:

Fine lines are first seen near eyes, because the skin in this area is much thinner. Using eye cream with active glycerine or niacinamide (Vitamin B3) contents can help prevent lines from forming and minimize the look of dark circles and puffiness. Make sure you are taking good care of your eyes.

Must Use Sunscreen:

If you have been regular with a good sunscreen earlier, you may not see any major changes in the skin in the early 30s, but if you have not been using it earlier, it’s a MUST!

UV rays are very damaging on the skin, and with the growing age they can cause more damage!

Whatever the profession you are in or no matter how busy you are being a stay at home mom, you deserve to feel and look great! And to do so, you must maintain a healthy and fresh skin. Go ahead and take care of it!

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