I know a lot of mommy bloggers who took their career to the next level by stepping into content marketing, and especially those who explored the B2B content marketing arena.

Well, the opportunities are limitless, but being a mommy on 24 hours duty, at times you feel like you are not that productive, may be not so creative and of course not as efficient as you used to be in the pre-mommy period.

Well, it’s true to some extent, but you can overcome the situation and get on track once again, simply by managing a few things on routine. Being a B2B content marketer and a 24/7 mommy, I faced all those challenges and finally found some hacks to harness the same. So here I am going to share my three tips to become an effective B2B content marketer, while being a full time mommy!

Here it goes:

1- Knowing the right lead generation techniques for B2B clients is the key, but you forget things most of the time and it takes hours and hours to find it back. Start taking notes on your smartphone.

2- Make sure to have your smartphone in your access all the time, i.e. hang it aside and never let ideas unrecorded.

3- Make a work schedule when you can solely focus on work, i.e. probably when everyone is asleep!

4- Do take some rest; power nap when kids are playing around. It will get you refresh!

5- Make new friends and meet more and more people from B2B industry casually; it will help you get more of industry insights, and you will optimize your thought process!

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