Whether it is your first time to plan a baby shower or it is second or third, the excitement remains same and you want to make it a super success. The Internet is a great source of inspiration and has wealth of knowledge on almost anything, but the abundance of information can be confusing at times. For instance, you are planning a baby shower and have explored hundreds of pages for ideas, but things still seem very unclear. There are a lot of blogs and forums dedicated to the subject of baby shower and you might have finalized the theme and the décor ideas, but it’s the baby shower invitation wording that you are stuck at.

Well, don’t worry, it’s very normal to find yourself lost in the mines of information. I’ve explored tons of pages too when I was planning a baby shower for my friend, and in this article, I will sum up my experience. I will discuss a few tips to help you create exciting baby shower invitations while remaining on budget.

1- Choose a theme wisely; a baby shower invitation that goes well with the theme is the best option, but choosing a theme that can accommodate a variety of wordings, poems, quotes, rhymes etc. in the invites is a bit tricky. Select a theme that can be customized as per your requirements and budget. For instance, there can be tens of different ways to organize a woodland themed baby shower, you can create décor with things available at home and it’s quite easy to determine the invitation wording, i.e. here you can find a great deal of woodland themed baby shower invites.

2- Relax & brainstorm; Having rhymes, quotes, or short poems in the baby shower invite do not just make the invitation look complete, but it sounds very inspirational too. Let the words of others inspire you; list all the famous quotes and one-liners that come in your mind. If you are feeling creative, try your own words and then start filtering the list according to your theme and at the end you’ll have a perfect wording for your baby shower invitation.

3- Consider a few things before getting the baby shower invites printed; you’ve come up with an amazing baby shower invitation design and wording, but before you get it printed, you must work out the logistical details of the event, i.e. number of guests, venue, date and time and where to buy baby shower invitations etc.

4- Consider baby shower invitation MUST HAVEs; having an inspirational quote or a rhyme makes your invitation stand out, but you must not forget the essentials that must be mentioned in the invite, i.e. name of the person/s for whom the baby shower will take place, date and time, location (name the relevant hall), name and contact number of the shower host and the RSVP.

5- Do not forget to have a thankyou card ready; after all, you should be thankful to all those who turned up with the gifts and blessings for your little one.

I am sure, the above tips will help you create better baby shower invitations without getting stressed out!

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