To be very honest, I didn’t know how useful it can be until I had my baby. An in fact, I didn’t learn these benefits over night as well. It took me good 18 months to discover its uses beyond massaging baby.

Let me start one by one:

1- Use it as makeup remover: don’t worry if your makeup remover is finished, use baby oil confidently as it will remove all of it leaving your skin clean, smooth and safe.

2- Use it as in bath/after bath lotion: again if your in bath lotion is not to be found, get the baby oil do this stuff. Even if you don’t use an in bath lotion, try using it and see how smooth it makes your skin.

3- Use it as massage oil: especially for those who don’t like the sticky-ness of the massage oils, this will absorb in the skin leaving it smoother and a pleasant odor.

4- Use it as ear wax cleaner: at times when too much of the stuff is stuck inside, baby oil can really make it softer and easier to come out.

5- Use it as leather shiner: let it be your leather hand bag, shoes or a sofa, wiping it off with baby oil will make it more shinier than you can expect.

Well, there may be a lot more benefits of baby oil in non baby applications, and I will update as I discover more.

And yes, to get all the benefits of baby oil, you do not necessarily be a mommy, all those ladies who are not mommies yet or who are mommies of big kids can also have all these benefits. Just add the baby oil in your next shopping list.

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