Welcome to the work-from-home life!

Whatever your industry sector is, there are various elements you find yourself benefitting from freelance work. Since there are minute negatives to freelance, we shall be focusing on the positives. After analyzing these benefits, you will find that freelancing can actually be a good move for your career. So, here are six advantages to it.

1- Salary Is Calling

An average freelancer rate can easily be double or triple that of a full-time employee, or even more. Therefore, you see a freelancer can earn quite a lot, although people don’t really believe so. Freelancers are paid more as their case is somewhat flexible and short term, although it is not always so. What is also beneficial, is the ability to work with more than one client at the time which also results in higher pay, which is obviously good. Choosing the right source of freelance work can have a great impact on your career. For example, the website Faucet Assistant earns through reviewing faucets.

2- Flexible Timings

Like we said in the previous point, most freelancers receive flexible hours to work on. You won’t believe us at first, but you can work whenever you want! And this “whenever” doesn’t have to be during the normal business hours. You can actually use the time in which you are productive to work, which is a luxury unfortunately not available to desk workers. So, if you want to sleep the entire half-day, go for it! You don’t have to worry about being late for anything, and it can be done through the comfort of your home. That is music to anyone’s ears! Being your own boss is a feeling that is surreal and satisfying! You get to draft your own work schedule instead of having an authority decide for you.

3- Working on Skill Development

Working from home automatically means that the companies you are working for are your clients and not your employers, thus providing a different type of relationship being formed. Not only this, but you will also be treated as an individual unlike the differentiation that happens towards employees in a physical work space. Apart from this, skills can be formed with regards to gaining a variety of industry and outside industry experience to increase it. As you will work for different companies, like we said earlier it results in receiving a greater insight into various cultures and processes.

4- Work Where You Want

Whether it’s at the mall’s food court, the park or your local coffee shop, your freelance work can be efficiently and effectively done at any place. By choosing to be a freelancer, you are giving yourself the luxury of doing your work in whichever place comfortable to you. This way, you won’t have to suffer the agony of those nasty office desks.

5- Tax Deductions

By freelancing, you are getting a lot of opportunities to deduct on expenses. Not just any, but those that are not even available to employees. Home office, travel ad meals are some deductions you can take advantage of.

6- Client Control

When it comes to an office environment, the choice of who you work with isn’t up to you. As you work for someone else, that authority is given to the boss. However, when you’re a freelancer you get to choose who you work with. If you are not pleased with the behavior of a particular client, you can simply state that you are not interested and find something else. It’s that easy! This benefit can be of use as employees often face difficulties when dealing with rude clients.

Well, there you have it, six benefits of being a freelancer. Now, we are aware that everything has downsides, and so does freelancing. But, in this case there are more pros than cons so we chose to focus on those. These points can go a long way in convincing you how great freelance work can actually be. All the best!

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