I know a lot of baking enthusiast mommies who bake awesome goodies. Some of them lately asked me the quickest way to turn their baking talent into a profitable business and my number one advice was to start a home based bakery.

The advice was well accepted and my inbox flooded with queries related to starting a home bakery. So, I am writing this article to discuss the basic requirements and a step by step guide to starting a home bakery.

1 – Have a business plan; it is very important to draft a proper business plan which should cover the following details:

  • What type of baked goods you will sell, i.e. cakes, bread, custom cakes, etc.
  • Who will be the buyers?
  • How much money you can invest (you do need some money to make money).
  • How will you market your business?
  • When do you expect your business to be profitable?

2 – Contact your local zoning board to know if it is legal to operate a home business in a residential area, (if not, you may rent a commercial kitchen space from a restaurant or culinary school). Some states may want you to separate your bakery kitchen from home kitchen.

3 – Apply for necessary permits or licenses and register your bakery with the local authorities.

4 – Alter your kitchen: you may already have a lot of baking utensils, but you need to have a proper commercial kitchen that fits the local health department regulations. In order to turn your home kitchen into a commercial kitchen, you need equipment which you can find online at CKitchen.com. With their free delivery option, you save time and money both.

5 – Get your commercial kitchen inspected by the health department authorities.

6 – Start operations; get marketing material ready and distribute it. Partner up with local grocery shops to get some exposure. Use Facebook advertising to reach targeted audience. Host events at your place and offer a discount on your products. Pitch your friends and family to use your products and there can be tons of ideas as you start thinking!

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