It feels like a cool breeze when you hold your little one after those tough 40 weeks. But, it’s not that cool when you look at yourself in the mirror and find a pale, tired and ugly yourself! Well, the frequent feedings, unusual naptime, diaper changes and all these are the charm of motherhood, but you must get back to that true yourself; and getting a haircut will get half of the things done.

You do need a post baby haircut, not just to look fresh, but for a reason that you may have postpartum hair loss, which is very common. Besides that, it’s not just the postpartum hair loss that may insist you to get a new haircut, but also the changed shape and size! Your old hairstyle might not go well with your new outlook, and you’re desperate to get a haircut, because only this makeover can let you feel better!

Here I am sharing some tips, that I received from various friends and they helped me a lot:

1- Don’t be hasty; most of the times, the postpartum hair loss only temporary, give it a few weeks before deciding to lose the length you always loved.

2- Always go for a trusted hair care specialist. High end brands occasionally run very good promotions, so keep an eye and grab offers like Great Clips Coupons.

3- Cleanliness and hygiene are must, so wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo.

4- Always go for quality products. The money that you save on buying cheap products only hurts you. Always look for personal care deals online and nearby stores.

5- Must maintain a balanced diet; make sure to take sufficient levels of Biotin for healthy hair, skin and nails.

6- Do take multivitamins but ask your doctor before starting taking any.

7- And last, but not least, try out all those different hairstyles that you didn’t do earlier. For instance, ponytails are no more for gyms only, buns are always classic and braids would be just sleek and stylish!

Stay updated, stay in style and enjoy the life being a stylish mommy!

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