Metal fold up chairs are very much useful. We usually use them for weddings and parties and also for all the variety of gatherings. They can easily transform your gathering or the event in a gorgeous party with a bit of decoration. There are thousands of way to decorate a folding chair. In this guide, we are discussing various decorating ideas of a metal folding chairs for a party.

1- It is not a big problem if you have to make over an ugly looking reception place or hall. You need some folding chairs and they can be very simple and normal one. What you have to do is, to bring some cheap fabric from the fabric store. You can choose the white color because it will be cheapest and easy to find. Now cut them and make some little slipcovers. There will be a little pocket on the top which will give them the pillow case look. The rest of the fabrics will hang over. You need to sew the sides and the top to make this elegant design. Now you can use some cheap ribbon to tie around the back of the covers, and also can make a bow with it. This idea will give a simple but elegant look to your chairs.

2- You can tie a bow on the back of the folding chairs by gathering some long strips. You can also put some fabric on the aisle folding chairs and put additional flower bouquets on the aisle folding chairs. This idea will be very much effective to hide the ugly metal folding chairs from showing them to guests. Bouquets of flowers can add a fresh and royal look to the chairs.

3- You can decorate chairs even with garbage bags. Yes!! You can use 13 gallon garbage bags. The white one will be a wise choice. To tie bows around the back of the folding chairs, use tulle on the roll. If you want the black ties, choose the black one then. If you need to cover the entire chairs then you can also use the very large leaf bags or lawn garbage bags and then go for the ties. This can be unique and cheapest idea for the chair decoration. No one can reveal the garbage bag covering if you will do your work creatively and perfectly.

4- You can use matched pillow cases with the theme of the event. Just slide them over the back open and down of the chairs then fold up the bottom of the cases twice. Here you need to secure the folding by pins or something like this. Then decorate the bow with ribbons or dollars or you can leave it like this too. It will give an elegant and nice look at the end.

5- You can use the Dollar store tablecloths for folding chair decoration. Cut the tablecloths in half, if the size permits. First, you need to drape the tablecloths over each chair. Next, you need to secure the draping with some colorful ribbon which can tied the clothes around the seat meet and the back. Make a bow in the back if you want. You can use fabrics or ribbons to make the bow according to your choice. This is a very easy way and faster way to decorate the chairs.

6- Take some cheap net fabric and cover the back of each chair. Try to make a bow of the fabric or you can use another color for the bow. Or you can choose gorgeous net fabric only for the bow. It will be little costly but can give the chairs luxurious look.

7- If you have a little bit more to spend, then spray the chairs according to your theme color. Or you can use inexpensive color spray but they will not give you the perfect look. You can take the Golden or Silver sparkling sprays for the dreamy look.

Whatever you are thinking to do, make sure that the finishing of your work should be perfect. Only then your creative ideas will bring an elegant look.

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