Whether you love cooking or not, being a mommy you have to do it on regular basis. Believe me, cooking is a very pleasant experience, if cutting/chopping is not too difficult, and for this very reason, you must have a decent set of knives.

Well, a nice set of kitchen knives is not too difficult to find, i.e. you can find them in almost all supermarkets and hypermarkets, but it’s certainly not going to be a cheaper deal. Consider this hefty price as a long term investment against an easiest and frustration free chopping/cutting experience for your cooking needs.

You must know that a good knife is not an ordinary kitchen utensil and so these expensive kitchen knives should be taken good care of, else they might not long last or may cause damage to other kitchen items. This article will discuss a few tips to take care of kitchen knives

1- As soon as you’re done using your knife, wash it, dry it and put it away in safe place, especially when you have kids in the house.

2- Do not leave knives in the sink; it may be dangerous for the person washing dishes. It can also get the blade scratched, or the tip of the knife can bend or break.

3- Store your knives separately; storing them in the utensil drawer can be equally dangerous as it is to put them in the sink. Moreover, separate storage will make it easier for you to find them easily.

4- Never leave your knives to dry with other utensils, instead, dry them immediately after washing, to prevent any mold or mildew from forming.

5- Sharpen the blade on regular basis; just like you need a facial to look glowing, your knives need a tune-up to work at their best. Investing in effective knife sharpeners is a great way to make them long last.

6- Always store knives out of children’s reach; never ask them to fetch a knife for you or to put it back.

7- Don’t use knives on your countertop; it doesn’t just diminish the beauty of your countertop, but any hard surface like marble and granite is too hard for the blade. Use wood cutting boards.

8- Do not wash your knives in the dishwasher; it may seem convenient, but the blasé is at high risk of getting dinged during the wash cycle. Hand washing your knives is the best option.

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