Your toddler has finally mastered the skill of walking, so you must be looking for a scooter or a ride-on for him! Certainly, that’s a good idea, because kids at this age love to have something that keeps them moving. A baby scooter can be the best birthday present for a three (or above) year old, as I am planning to buy one for my kid on his birthday.

In this context, I did a little research on what to look for in a baby scooter and it’s worth sharing. Here it goes:

1- Balance: Though, your child is perfect in walking and running, he still is not able to balance a one front wheel, so look for a baby scooter with two front wheels.

2- Safety for Sharp Turns: Kids love to do antics and a sharp turn can be dangerous, so make sure that the handlebars are resistant to sharp turn.

3- Lower & Wide Base: It will help the one maintain balance easily.

4- Lightweight: A heavy design will require the child to push with more effort which may get him fall easily. Moreover, you can carry it along when going for outing!

5- Adjustable: A baby scooter is an investment for few years and it should grow with your toddler. Besides that, if you are planning another child, the height and handlers can be fixed accordingly for the second baby.

Well, based on the above criteria, I found this High quality three wheels baby scooter from Fascol which sounds the best available baby scooter in the market.

It comes with all those features that ensure the safety and entertainment of a child. For instance;

  • The C-shape protective design to avoid hard collision.
  • The quiet-ride tires which are anti-abrasive yet have flashing lights.
  • With the flexible hand brake & rear brake your kid will have total control and more safety!
  • The handlers come with a comfortable rubber grip to make it safer.
  • It’s best for 3 years and older and can take load of up to 132 pounds.

If your child’s birthday is near, do order this one for him and let him have fun at home, in the street or in the park.

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