Content marketing is not just a trend, but a strategic approach to boost sales in long term and this is why more and more B2B companies have started working on developing effective content marketing strategies and result oriented plans.

Here I am going to share the best of my reads on B2B content marketing. Here goes the list:

Of course, everyone works on content marketing for sales; check B2B Content Marketing that drives sales and 5 ways to deliver B2B Marketing Content that sells. Also check some useful points on Creating demand for sales through B2B Content Marketing.

Whatever the case it is, you cannot ignore the trends; here are 8 B2B Content Marketing trends to consider.

What works best and what just doesn’t work must be known; check the best content types for each stage of the B2B sales cycle. And planning is the core so here are 10 tips to maximize lead generations with B2B Content Marketing Plan.

B2B content marketing is not a rocket science and you can always learn good things from other industries. Check out these 3 lessons B2B Content Marketers can learn from B2C Content.

And finally here are B2B content marketing tips and best practices for overall planning and execution process.

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