Baby furniture and room decor is most hyped among couples having or going to have first baby. With second and third babies, they either have things already set up, or else they are not that energetic to continue the enthusiasm.

Well, I literally didn’t buy any furniture for baby, though being the first one. Various reasons were there, including me being unable to run errands, but the major reason was space. We simply didn’t want the room overcrowded with furniture alone when all that baby needs is comfortable sleep that can happen right on the bed.

But as baby grew, you will find it essential to have his own furniture, he needs a safe sleep beyond just comfortable, so a baby cot is a MUST. He has lots of other accessories and clothes that his wardrobe needs to be separate and so you need to buy things on and on…

Whether you are living in a studio apartment or even if you have various rooms in house, you need to get baby sleep in your own bedroom till he is 3. So, you need to adjust baby furniture right there; you may separate a small space for him using a divider.

Below are some of the baby furniture and room decor ideas for small spaces that I loved. I found them when I was looking for ideas to adjust my baby furniture in the room and thought these ideas can help lot of other mommies too. so here goes the list:

This one is simple yet appealing, just give one wall to your baby furniture and everything should be in order as well as in your sight. Baby can also sleep sound when you are busy talking or watching TV in the other corner!

This one is good too in a way that it has changing table along which you may stuff with containers later.

Similar to the above, but less bulky.

If you use a room divider or partition it using some cupboard or shelving unit, you may have totally private space for little buddy.

Another idea for making your partitioned smaller space look bigger and lively!

This one is good too, but only if you have a space like this, else you may surround it with wardrobe and the play area.

When you have twins or may be back to back babies are on plan!

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