Lately, I have been researching a lot on bathroom design and decor and have already discussed Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms and Colorful Bathroom Design & Decorating Ideas. While searching and researching, I found some really cool bathrooms whereby it was the wall design and decor that made the whole ugly thing turned into the most beautiful one. So, here I will share those cool pictures today!

This one is a must especially if you have kids. Just give them a big visual aquarium in their bathroom. Having it in adult bathroom is not a bad idea too!

Get closer to the nature with this simple yet soothing bathroom wall paint!

Another one, taking you near to the nature!

Just in case, you love the desert and sand experience!

Simple, soothing and easy to maintain. That’s all about this one!

“Wow” is the only word to see this one!

Just a simple aquamarine shower curtain and your bathroom got a totally new amazing look!

This one will surely refresh you not just physically, but mentally too!

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