Studio apartment is great if it’s you and hubby only, but as a matter of fact we all have to socialize so we invite people to our place and go to theirs as well. In such situation when you are a family and have some family friends as guests at home, the most weird thing that looks is the bed in the same room.

Well, at least for me, this is the case, so I decided to get the bed apart at least by diving the room. Though the partition resulted as desired privacy, it left a very small space for the bedroom area. That’s when I started looking for design and decor for small bedroom space and found some really good stuff that I would like to share with other mommies out there!

So, this is actually the space I am left with and I liked the idea of keeping things as simple as possible.

Colors play a great role in making things look smaller, bigger, wider and narrower. The light yet, bright colors work great!


This one needs a bit of investment in terms of fixtures. Though I like it most, but I won’t suggest something like this in a rented house. Yes, if you own a house, do go for this idea for a bedroom in smaller space.


Again, something great and needs some fixtures, but while looking at some furniture in Ikea, I feel this one is good to go in a rented house too, as you get most of the stuff re-fixable!


And, here I find my idea of a perfect private small bedroom in a studio apartment!


Did you know that mirror makes your small bedroom look double of its size? Yes, it does so, and m’ looking for a big mirror.. This investment is not a big deal in a rented house!


And now something useful for mommies of two or more kidos, who need more space in a small bedroom. I saw this on sale on Dubizzle as well, and m’ sure it’s great for kids!


Living in a big city like Dubai is amazing from every other point of view, except the bitter reality of very high rents.

The higher accommodation cost if probably the only reasons for so much popularity of studio apartments here. Besides studios, renting out a single room in big houses is also one of the most common practices.

Don’t be shy if you live in a smaller space, just make it look bigger!

So, what’s your choice. Don’t worry if you don’t like any of the above, at least you got an idea of what to be done and how!

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