Again, I bought this one to try from a supermarket. The offer contained a pack of two scrubs (200ml each).

Papaya Skin Whitening Scrub:

As it says skin whitening, it does so! Yes, I found my skin glowing after scrubbing it gently for less than a minute. I used it on hands and face only and it’s soft with a light scent.

Olive Face & Body Scrub:

Well, this one is good too; light scented smell and brings a fresh skin out, however using it as body scrub seems better idea as it’s not as soft on face as the one above.

My Best Experience with the Products:

Most of use ladies who have never ending dishes, find their hands too old to match their age and that’s what I felt when I looked at my hands first. So, I mixed the two scrubs and massaged my hands with one another for a minute. Wow, I got parlor manicured hands!

My samples are about to finish and m’ sure I am going to get them again, for instant home manicure and pedicure at least!

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