I was introduced to Bioderma by Glambox earlier and seeing the results of samples, I planned to try out the Objective White Night Serum first as I had visible dark spot/hyperpigmentation. Trying out a serum is good option as compared to trying a day cream because you can see the actual results with serum, the day creams are normally for support purpose!

Well, the White Objective night serum costs about AED218, and I had a Glambox/Bin Sena Pharmacy discount coupon offering 20% off on any Bioderma products. So I was expecting to get this serum for AED175.

As I was browsing through the pharmacy, I happened to see an offer from Bin Sena Pharmacy itself, whereby the Objective White Serum (AED 218) and the Objective White Day Cream (AED 99) were available in a bundle offer for AED 159 only.


Almost half of the regular price was more than a surprise and so I didn’t hesitate to buy the pack! Though, I couldn’t redeem the voucher from Glambox as it didn’t apply on already discounted items, the shopping was already worthy!

This was the cool box inside the wrap!


And these were the goodies packed in it:


Moving on the usage, application and results; it’s superb! I had lot of dark spots, which started dissolving right after one week of usage. The dissolving speed is not too high, but as I am seeing the difference, it seems working better than anything else I tried so far. I could see the lighter spots vanished, however, the dark brown and the black ones seem to take one more bottle!


Here at the back of the box, BIODERMA explains how long the process normally takes to vanish dark spots!

Bioderma Objective White Serum & the Day Cream Pack has all the guidelines printed on it; and you must follow them to get desired results!


Must read these guidelines before using it!

Besides that, here’s the proper application method for both serum and the day cream is printed on the back, so must read this one too!

The serum is to be applied in the night, and better is to wash your face with a good exfoliating face wash or daily scrub. I used Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Daily Scrub and Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash and some others.

Once the serum is applied, give it a minute or two to dry and then apply regular night cream. My regular night cream is Olay Natural White Night Cream.

For Bioderma Objective White Day cream, you need to wash the face as well and apply it at least 5 minutes before applying the next layer of makeup.

Now coming to some more important point on how to make most out of Bioderma Objective White Night Serum and the Day Cream, let me explain a few more details.

Both the serum and the cream consist of 30ml only, which seem to be very less quantity if you compare it with regular lotions and creams that come more than double in the same price, but wait, 30 ml is not a less quantity.

1ml contains about 20 drops and for one time use on face, you don’t need more than 12 drops. That’s how I calculated things first and the 30ml of Bioderma Objective White Serum and the Day Cream lasted for about 7 weeks for me.

AED159 for 7 weeks is superb, and even AED319 (the rgular price) for 7 weeks is not a bad idea if you really want to get rid of that hyperpigmentation!

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