I found this Boots Cucumber Whitening Cleansing Lotion during my discount shopping from Boots pharmacy. Since, I am always looking to try new products, I kept it in the basket, just because it was something of Boots and they cannot make anything not so good.

The regular price being AED14 this one was on offer and for AED5 only. Well, at that price, you may find anything suspicious about the quality,  and a little did I was too. But keeping the Boots name in mind, I dared to try.

So, this is how it looks like. The container is of 150ml and this was a full size product; not a sample!

The container has a printed detail that says, “This mild cleansing lotion effectively removes impurities and make-up without over-drying. With whitening complex to lighten and Cucumber Extract to help preserve skins natural moisture balance, whilst Vitamins A & E smooth. Leaves your skin cleansed, refreshed and clear.”


And, it actually does all that it says. It’s very mild and so doesn’t bother the sensitive skin even. Not just makeup, but even if you had a worst day out in dust, it will clean all the dirt and you will get the refreshing effect.

One thing I am not sure about is “Whitening”. I am not sure if it actually helps in whitening or something, because I didn’t find my skin “whiten” at least, but yes, it gives a glow, sort of spark! So, never mind if it’s not whitening, because it’s basic purpose is cleansing and that’s what it does well!

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