I am not much fan of putting heavy makeup, but I am a strong supporter of skin care for looking good. Imagine, if you are very much concerned about your skin and do everything to make it look good, but the yellowish teeth destroy that whole image!

Probably, that’s what Glambox realized rightly, and so included Brilliant Smile Sweden Whiteningevo Strips & Cleansers in July 2016 box.

Well, the sample product is certainly not the complete treatment, so I cannot actually comment on the complete treatment, but the Cleanser and the Whitening strips are worth trying items. It’s very easy to use, works faster and shows visible difference!

As I explored more about the product with online reviews by experts, the Brilliant Smile Sweden professional teeth whitening products are completely safe to use, as long as you follow the instructions, i.e. do not apply on gums, do not swallow and in case of a dental disease or condition, check with your dentist before trying!

Glambox wrote that you can enhance your look with that glamorous Hollywood sparkling smile with the Brilliant Smile WHITENINGevo strips & cleanser and I think, that’s pretty much true!

The best thing about these whitening strips is that you can use them in the comfort of your own home or conveniently and discreetly while on the go and may also save a handful amount of money by avoiding the visit to dental clinic. The price of whitening strips is AED 599 (Pack of 14 strips) and the cleanser costs AED 19 (Pack of 10 cleansers). You can buy directly from Brilliant Smile Website!

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