The oldest piece of furniture that I and my husband own besides our various heirlooms and antiques is our mattress. That is the one thing that we have owned together. It was considered as a wedding gift. It is a pillow top mattress and it is almost like sleeping on a cloud, but as soon as my husband starting having back issues, it was hard to get comfortable and have him wake up without pain. Not to mention that in over 7 years, it has developed what people call bucket seats. Those odd indentions that you naturally go to when you sleep.

The one thing that is bad about pillow tops is that you aren’t actually able to rotate it. Yeah, you can change sides, but a pillow top mattress literally has a directional top and that often causes the wearing of the mattress, and it just got to the point where we needed a new one.

A lot of people will ask us if we like our mattress and we respond with its okay. Then someone will say check out Tuft and Needle.

So, finally we did and the first thing that I noticed when shopping around is that there were over 3,000 5-star reviews. I happened to love that it wasn’t made of memory foam so it doesn’t sleep hot and it isn’t latex and the fact that it works to draw the heat from your body and put it into the mattress. For me this meant more cuddling without either one of us complaining that we are too hot. Since it is made in the USA and the fact that it isn’t firm, its more supportive is what sold us to this mattress.


I won’t lie, I slept really well the pillow top, so when it came to the Tuft and Needle, I was a bit on the iffy side about going to a firm mattress, but I knew that I had to do this for my husband. He woke up one day with a severely sore back and extremely achy, that I decided to order it. The first thing that I noticed was that it was a lot cheaper than our pillow top. Our first mattress together, back in the day cost around $2000 for a king, but we managed to get the Tuft and Needle for only $750 and plus it came with free shipping.  Before you pay retail try to use a Tuft & Needle Coupon.

Just a few days later it arrived in a box. My parents got a real kick out of a king sized mattress being in such a small box.

Since it came vacuum sealed, all I had to do was open the box, put it where it needed to be, and then cut the plastic off. Within moments it was full sized and then I just laid on it.

It is amazing. It is so supportive but it is quite soft. Not to mention it is very cool and there are no indentions. We now sleep better and there is less tossing and turning. The only issue, we don’t have sheets to fit, so now it is time for sheet shopping.

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