You must have thought how celebrities can manage to look so flawless, even without make up, in public appearances, while you are still have a rough hair day or an ugly zit before an event. Since celebrities have to remain in the public eye 24/7, they have to stick to an extensive skincare regimen to maintain glowing skin.

It’s hard to follow their lifestyle; however, we could use a few tips from our favorite actors or models to maintain healthy skin.

Read on to find out how many celebrities have managed to defy old-age and still look fresh.


Avoid cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol

You may not want to acknowledge it or give up smoking unless you see its negative effects on your skin, but the fact is that smoking slowly begins ruining your brain, lungs and appearance. Regular smoking would cause your skin to darken and look dull. You would develop bags under your eyes and your skin would turn pale. Nicotine in cigarettes stains your teeth, which would make your smile look ugly. Furthermore, smoking causes premature aging. It’s true that celebrities do smoke but those who are aging gracefully avoid smoking.

Caffeine consumption deprives you of quality sleep and you would be prone to developing puffy, black eyes and look fatigued all the time. Caffeine also dehydrates you, taking away your natural glow. The key to maintaining a healthy glow is to consume caffeine in moderation.

Alcohol is notorious for dehydrating you and depriving you of essential nutrients. In the long run, repeated alcohol consumption may cause you to gain weight, feel bloated and develop skin disorders.

Wear sunblock before going out

This is a skincare routine that should not be skipped no matter what. Apply sunblock on both sunny and cloudy days. You need to apply sunblock on cloudy days because the harmful sun rays are still present.

Always keep sunblock in your purse if you’re going to stay out for a long time, as you would need to reapply it. Some sunblocks last for 6 hours. Go for a sunblock that is SPF 30, at least.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids if you want youthful skin. This is what has managed to keep Victoria Beckham youthful for the past two decades. Victoria swears by salmon and takes it every day to prevent skin inflammation.

Get enough sleep

Repeated sleep deprivation speeds up aging, puffiness, inflammation, dark circles and appearance of wrinkles. According to a study, it could also cause permanent skin discoloration.  

Sleep allows your skin to heal, renew and revitalize by releasing toxins. Sleep deprivation is likely to impair normal functioning of the brain and body, making you fatigued and unproductive in the long-term. Experts show that insomnia can take years off your face.

Less is more

This is more than just an expression. Stop going overboard on skin products. Go easy on applying heavy makeup or using too many cleansers, toners or exfoliators. Using too many products can irritate the skin and make you more prone to breakouts. Since your skin builds tolerance to one product at a time, remain consistent with the product that works best on you instead of continuing to switch to others.

When a product doesn’t suit you, you quickly abandon it and start using another product before your skin can build tolerance to it, which irritates the skin and could cause long-term damage. You can learn more in about how to take care of your skin condition.

Don’t go heavy on the makeup. Let your skin breathe. Applying layers and layers of makeup clogs your pores and repeated application would cause breakouts, scars, blemishes and premature aging. Also, use good quality moisturizers to remove makeup, especially before going to sleep to let your skin replenish overnight. If you return home and don’t need makeup, remove it instead of waiting for bedtime. The longer your skin is allowed to breathe, the better.

Focus on quality of food over quantity

Cut down on fast food and junk. Make your diet rich in essential nutrients and let them reflect on your face. When you have naturally fresh face, you won’t need heavy makeup or concealers in the first place.


Keep yourself active as it keeps your body organs properly functional and release stress. Devote at least four days a week to exercise, be it at a gym, yoga or dance class, or even at home. Exercise can beat stress, prevent aging and give you healthy skin.

Celebrities may invest in expensive nutritionists to keep themselves young but it is not impossible for us either to maintain our skin. By following a few simple DIY skincare remedies, you too can get healthy skin.

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