There can be few more occasions more daunting for any house proud man or woman other than inviting friends or family members around for dinner.

Although you can rest assured that the majority of your fears are safely tied up within your own head its doesn’t mean that a few dirty areas won’t get noticed by your guests which is why having a good and thorough clean is the best way of alleviating any lingering paranoid thoughts.

So, if you’ve invited a few familiar or unfamiliar faces over to yours to spend an evening of merrymaking in your clean and pleasant home then make sure you follow the five steps below so all you have to concentrate on is the food as opposed to dust and cobwebs.

Step one – get the broom out

If in doubt, get the broom out and you don’t have to be a professional cleaner to understand that the old ways are often the best ways. Sweeping solid wood or Lino floors is the first thing that you have to do to remove excess dust, crumbs and bits, which is why having an indoor broom as well as a dustpan and brush is essential for making a start on cleaning your home.

Step two – wipe your surfaces

After the removable surface dirt has been safely swept from floors it’s time to get down on your hands and knees and get wiping. A sponge, J-cloth or any other type of wet cloth will do the job and if you really want to get rid of dirt and grime then make sure you wipe all of your surfaces as best you can as close to your guests’ arrival time as humanely possible.

Step three – soak overnight

Whilst keeping things clean and sparkling can be a preoccupation in itself, if there are any surfaces or objects that require a deeper scrub then give them at least a 12 hour soak overnight to loosen the grime. Whatever extra chemical formula you add to hot water, there’s no point doing things by half and if you can soak a particularly greasy item for as long as poss then all the better.

Step four – time to shine

Polishing surfaces, especially wooden and metallic, is certainly a much underrated cleaning activity and although getting out the family silver for a dinner party isn’t always required, getting your surfaces waxed and polished most definitely is. There are numerous sprays, waxes and cloths available and the only other thing that’s required is a little bit of muscle in the elbow department.

Step five – the smell of success

Once everything’s been swept, wiped, hoovered and polished it’s time to give your house an extra pick me up by adding a few choice candles or electronic scent diffusers around your hallway or front door. Hopefully, once you’ve started cooking, your guests will be wowed by a complete infusion of delectable smells however, it never hurts to tip the balance in your favour and adding the scent of freshly cleaned house to the mix always presents the proverbial cherry on the cake.

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