If you are a busy parent with a modern lifestyle, you’ll want grown-up stationery for yourself.

There are so many occasions that we as parents will be writing thank you notes: “Thank you so much Auntie Sarah for stopping by with your delicious home-made soup for us when our whole family was sick! You really saved the day.” Or “Thank you Cousin Miriam for babysitting baby Luke so that I could volunteer at Eva’s school field trip. I am so grateful to you taking the time out of your day for me as a busy mom yourself.”

Your recipient will feel valued and treasured with your words of gratitude – and therefore may be more likely to be willing to help you out in the future.

As a parent, you can expect to be writing thank you notes from both yourself and your spouse together. This means you’ll want a design that works equally for both genders. You might like to take a look at the designs from GrayFly Stationery – they are stylish, sophisticated, and especially created to be used by both men and women.

Maybe you are a work-at-home parent who is writing a note of appreciation to a colleague or mentor. In those situations too, you’ll be memorable when you use high quality note cards. The ones from GrayFly use thick and luxurious paper and they all come with lined envelopes. The geometric designs help maintain a professional appearance while still creating an upbeat look with the exciting use of color.

Sometimes you have questions beyond a mere “should I write a note card for this?” There are plenty of etiquette dilemmas that do not have an easy answer at first glance, for example how to handle it graciously when a guest arrives earlier than expected. You can find answers to this question and more topics of etiquette on The GrayFly Blog. This way, you’ll be certain come across well to everyone with whom you interact, without any stress on your part.

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