You have more website traffic, but low conversion rate!

It’s not just the major problem with the eCommerce websites, but any website looking for more subscribers in any way wants to increase conversions.

Well the general misconceptions create more complications than the problem itself. So, you should: 

  • Know the most common misconception about increasing conversions.
  • Realize the fact that lot of non-targeted traffic is nothing more than load on your server!
  • Focus more on conversion first and then plan to increase the website traffic.

 And yes, do look into the issues that are stopping the existing visitors from taking your desired actions!

Not everyone can do this all at once, so I collected the most important and highly usable guides to help you convert your website visitors into customers, subscribers, buyers and what else you want to name them!

Barry Feldman has identified 11 reasons why prospects don’t convert into customers. Knowing the reasons is most important, because your whole strategy will depend upon these.

Once you go through all the reasons stopping conversions, you must  know the importance of landing page in converting website visitors into customers. Here’s some weird useful stuff for creating better landing pages.

9 steps to create landing pages that convert website visitors into customers. by Red Website Design.

6 small landing page adjustments that make a big impact on conversion rates by Radius.

Landing pages always have room for improvement. A case study by Reel SEO reveals that 71% of marketers confirm video converts better than other content.

Interaction plays a vital role in turning visitors into customers or subscribers. The more interaction means the more chances of conversion. Check out Startup Guys’ 5 Interactive ways to convert website visitors into customers.

Red Website Design suggests using 33 Power Words to convert website visitors into customers. Call to action is important not just on the landing pages, but also in PPC, email and other campaigns.

12 ways to convert website visitors into email subscribers by Mequoda is a super resource for both eCommerce as well as websites with other business models.

Remarketing for converting bounced visitors into customers by Mark Cijo explains how to bring back the customers who left on the first go!

You need to be robotic to do all the hard work, and so you need tools to speed up the process. Check 4 digital tools for converting consumers into customers by CMG Local Solutions.

Some more useful reads are:

13 ways to increase your conversion rate right now by Conversion XL and Search Engine People’s recommended 25 amazing ways to boost eCommerce conversion rates.

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