I decided to take Maxi Hair Plus after long research and of course after having many failed attempts to stop hair fall using hair fall rescue shampoos and other topical solutions.

The main reason for my hair fall is still unknown to me, may be too many chemicals, i.e. Coloring & Straightning, or something else. But what I am sure is the fact that hair fall happens only and only when the hair roots are weaker and the scalp skin is also too weak to hold them.

Let me tell you the result with Maxi Hair Plus; 90% of hair fall stopped in just 7 days…. Wow, isn’t it?


Wait, that wow is not that easy; you have to gulp 4 super smelly capsules each day to get the 5000mcg of Biotin that speeds up the reconstruction in not just your hair roots, it it also supports healthy nails and fresh skin.


It’s going to be the end of third month with Country Life Maxi Hair Plus, and I literally don’t have any hair fall. Got more healthier and shinier hair, even the damaged caused by the chemicals is also not seen anymore.

And I am still taking it! Why? Because, it supports hair growth as well. There are lot of new hair on the patches and I have observed upto 2 inches of hair growth per month. However, now I have reduced the dose size from 4 capsules to 2.

Coming to the price, it may seem bit expensive when compared to normal multi vitamins, however, taking it as an instant hair fall rescue it’s worth the price. I got it for AED 160 from Aster Pharmacy and believe me it pays off when you see the regrowth on bald patches, healthier skin and nails!

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