Fat loss or weight loss is never easy and at times we have literally no motivation to continue. I had encountered this various times and the only way out stay motivated is to look for quick exercises that can have high impact.

One such exercise I found was “deep breathing”. It’s not just a stress management technique, but a way to supercharge your body by giving it a little more oxygen!


It is a simple way to burn off fat from all over your ‘body. You’ll be amazed to know that it helps a lot to reduce fats from your stomach. How it works is a good question. It actually works like: the extra oxygen you suck in during the breathing works as an Oxidizer for your fat cells.

The more oxygen intake you have the faster oxidization process becomes, helping you burn fats, get energy and recovery.

It’s so simple and can be done anytime and anywhere. Even while being in an official meeting or even conducting a seminar!

Just do it for five minutes and see the difference. Doing it regularly whenever you get the thing in mind will help you develop this habit which will surely help improving your metabolism!

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