We’re living in an age where technology has brought ultimate ease of doing things, and our children are familiar with the modern technologies at an early age. This ease and comfort is appreciable, but developing creativity in children becomes more challenging in such an environment.

To promote creativity, early childhood educationists recommend promoting development within six areas, i.e. fine motor, gross motor, self-help and adaptive skills, language, cognitive, and social-emotional. LEGO Education Preschool sets can be highly useful for preschoolers as they help in all these six areas.

Free play is an important part of preschool when it comes to discover the creative instincts of your child. LEGO bricks can be quite indispensable for fostering creativity during free play; just give them the bricks without any direction and your child may build something really awesome, like Lee Evans tells, how his son came to him with a special request; to find something that could be used with Lego®’s to make awesome creations on the walls.

Lee then explored the idea further and developed a new product made just for Legos; the Air Brick. Air Bricks are a safe, ABS plastic toy that allow children to build floating Legos anywhere they want.



They produce two more awesome products:

1- Thick Bricks; large, hard to find, and perfect for building with Air Bricks.  Available in multiple sizes.

2- LE-GLUE; the only specialized glue available just for Legos®.  Apply to any creation and remove with warm water.


So, if you’re focused on developing creativity among toddlers and preschoolers, do try these items from Air Brick, and you never know your kid may bring the next big innovation!

We were full of ideas for things to build, but had no way to make them a reality, but our kids do have lot of ways. Expose your kids to innovations and they will ultimately learn innovation and will devise creative solutions!

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