I know it’s difficult at times to say no to the family members even you are on a strict diet, but you need to learn to say no if you want to make weight loss happen!

Well, it’s not that they  don’t want you to lose weight, but at times the unconditional love of family members may dissuade you from trying to lose weight.

Everyone of us love to hear statements like: “You’ve lost enough weight.” or “I like you just the way you are.” But at the same time, especially if you live abroad and visit home, you will hear some additional comments; “Oh, why you are starving? Eat this and that”, “One time Halwa won’t do much, take another slice”, “This is Desi Ghee, It doesn’t harm”, and a lot more that you may know better than me.


That’s how I gained 4 pound on my 10 days visit back to home. Well, the lesson I learned is, “DON’T ALWAYS LISTEN TO THEM, EVEN THEY LOVE YOU”…. Keep consistency in your diet is a priority, and of course you cannot annoy them too, so why not to take the smallest possible option and excuse for the rest.

If that doesn’t work, ask them for some other healthier alternative, so they don’t feel bad too!

Learn to say no or else replace no with a healthy alternative!

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