Weight loss is never easy, nor pleasant; it’s tough and most of the time you have to do things that you literally don’t like, let it be eating non-favourite stuff or exercising like you never did before.

So, if you’re looking for a simple and rather pleasant way to lose weightadd green tea in your weight loss program. Drinking green tea will surely make your weight loss program lighter and pleasant.

The fact is that green tea doesn’t refresh your soul but also it helps your body take off that excess weight!


Why is green tea so effective in weight loss? Here are three simple yet convincing reasons:

1- It Burns More Fat: Green tea contains catechins which raises your metabolism. The higher the metabolism is the more fat is burned by the body.

2- It Helps You Lower the Stress: Well, you may not be able to connect stress with weight issues, but actually stress is one big factor to emotional eating and thus stops you from losing weight. Your body under stress increases the production of cortisol; a hormone that that helps your body retain your fat levels.

Green tea as it soothes your body naturally helps you relieve the stress and make your body work again on the weight loss plan.


3- It Helps Reducing Carving for Sweets: Well, I cannot associate this with any scientific reason, but this actually happened to me. Since I was 10, I had a habit of eating something sweet after food and when I started weight loss, this was one big hurdle on my way. Having a cup of green tea right after food doesn’t just help me curb the cravings for sweets, but I also feel fresh.

4- It’s Easiest to Make: You will love this reason, if you are kind of lazy like me. I love drinking tea, but not making it at least. So, green tea is my favourite, as all I need is to boil a cup of water and dip a tea bag into it.

While being on weight loss we do feel low of energy and making a healthy drink may not appeal you and so you may get back to an unhealthy option. So, having green tea solves the problem.


5- It Comes with Less Dishes: It’s not just easy in making, but also when it comes to dishes, you don’t have to wash that sticky pan.

Believe me, green tea is not just a weight loss companion, but also is great way for a healthy lifestyle in long run. I used to drink four cups of green tea while on weight loss and now one or two cups a day is a must at least.

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