Having a cat or dog join the family is very exciting but how do we remove pet hair from sofas when they start shedding their coat ready for summer fun. Find out which dogs shed the most hair at, for example, this TufToys dog breeds info page.  Here are a few tips to help control and get rid of the pet hair.


Using your vacuum cleaner:

You may have realized that running the vacuum cleaner over pet hairs is pretty hopeless at picking up all that hair and fur. A little secret that can help to get pet hair out that is on the surface as well as embedded in between the fibres is fabric softener. Just add a small amount to a spray bottle with water, mixing gently then spraying lightly onto your sofa from a distance then letting it rest for five to ten minutes then vacuum. The softener will help the hair and fur rise to the surface of the fibres where you can easily vacuum it.

Is it possible to remove pet hair from a couch with a glove?


This is one of my favourite pet hair removal tricks because it works and it’s easy to do. Simply put the gloves on and rub your hands in circular motions over the sofa. The surface material of the gloves, when it is rubbed over the couch, creates tension rolling the fur into little piles that you can easily pick up and put in the bin.

A Simple Solution with a Dishcloth

Grab a clean dry sponge that is specially designed for the kitchen sink. These sponges work by attracting the pet hair across the surface clinging to the sponge just like a magnet. Once you have removed the hair from the sponge it can be used again for a quick clean when your busy schedule calls you.

Lint Roller

A lint roller, just a basic one you might keep in your laundry for those days you accidentally wash a tissue and end up with fluff and lint everywhere all over your clothes. Lint rollers are great, no batteries required and they don’t need refilling. The micro bristles remove the pet hair easily and without any hard work. This little gadget has been around for ages and is very easy to shop around for- most supermarkets and department stores sell them.

Professional Pet Hair Remover

This option is very similar to the lint roller. It is reusable as well but this is in the form of a sponge that you use dry. It works great on upholstery and safe to use on all fabrics.

Cleaning up is a breeze, just a wash in warm soapy water and let dry and it is good to use again and again. These can be found at most pet shops and department stores and are also very affordable.

Bottom line is that we all love our pets as they are members of the family. Their hair can cover all your nice furniture especially your sofa. By using some of these tips you will find the right product for removing that tough hair.

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