Increased weight is a big problem, not only for those who are over weight for quite sometime, but also for those who have recently lost some pounds.

You are more likely to gain weight faster if you have lost it recently. Many people escape a whole meal to combat this, but this is not a healthy solution. Escaping a whole meal creates fatigue.

A healthy and balanced diet is a fair better solution and in this context, breakfast is of prime importance, as you need an energy boost in the beginning of the day.


A healthy breakfast should, however, have some regularities so that, it should not stimulate the weight gain.


Here’re few tips for making your weight control breakfast:

Breakfast should have regular timings, so eat every morning at about the same time.

To have better metabolism, try to eat earlier in the morning.

Protein gets digested faster than that of Carbohydrates, so prefer breakfast with more protein.


Don’t include complex Carbohydrates in breakfast, i.e. avoid sugary drinks, as they don’t get digested quickly.

Drink a cup of coffee; it speeds up metabolism and helps you burn more calories.

Do have a glass or two of water before breakfast.

Have some skim milk with your cereal. It will help build bones and fill your belly.

Start your work early in the morning, it’ll help you be fit on one hand and keep you and your work up to date on other.

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