Drinking lot of water though helps with dry mouth and lips but at times, it works opposite as water is a natural deuteric. For some people dry lips remains a big problem no matter how well hydrated they are.

Regardless of the fact that I drink 12 to 15 glasses of water daily, my lips tend to remain dry all the time. I am not much fan of chap-sticks and of course using lipstick at home makes no sense for me.

I tried everything from lip balms to petroleum jelly but at the day end I need to pluck that dry skin from lips out.

Just to give it a try I started using Eucerin Lip Active and amazingly, it worked so good!
Eucerin says, that the Lip Active formula has been designed for sensitive lips and I am sure it is so!

Since, I take good care of hydration, I am sure, there are some more external factors causing lips to dry quickly. The Dexpanthenol and Vitamin E content of Eucerin Lip Active claims to soothe, moisturize and protect against everyday external factors like UV exposure and low hydration.

So this is how it takes care of sensitive lips by going beyond hydration matters.

The first day of use proved to being an instant and complete relief, however, I feel it needs to be regular for on-going protection.

Applying it twice works daily, however, at times you may need a third time.

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