Dandruff is a big problem in general, but if you are Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi living in Dubai, anywhere in the UAE or anywhere in the Middle East, dandruff is not just shockingly common but is almost impossible to get rid of as well.

That how I used to think and so I discussed the issue with almost everyone I met, but no solution worked, until a friend Zahida gave some life saving solution. She told me a historical evidence of almond oil to get rid of dandruff and so I was all ready to try it.

Here I am sharing Zahida’s solution first:

  • Almond oil to be massaged on scalp well so it is absorbed in there.
  • Let it stay for an hour or two but not more than that because its effect is too hot and can cause acne outbreak if kept longer.
  • Shampoo as regular and see the magic

Well, before trying this I did some more research and did try it as she suggested. To my surprise, dandruff was out 99%.

I had such a sever dandruff that it used to appear right after my hair dry after shampoo. But this time, it was super clean…. Do try the almond oil magic if you have not so far and I am sure, it should work for most or people.

  • Now the additional tips that I would like to share for better results.
  • If your skin is highly prone to acne and you are sure you cannot wash it within two hours (busy moms like me cannot plan things accurate), mix a few drops of coconut oil to make it mild.


  • Use a mild shampoo.
  • Mix the shampoo with water in a small bowl and keep shampooing until it makes the bubbles and wash it out.
  • Do not apply shampoo twice; it will make your scalp dry.
  • Do not rub conditioner on the scalp, use it on strands only… Keep the conditioner at least 3 inches away from the scalp.
  • Do not blow dry. Let your hair dry in natural air or best is to sit in sunlight for five minutes. If its urgent use a table fan or sealing fan.

Try it out and hope it should help a lot.

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