Mom used to apply glycerin on my hands in dry cold weather. That’s what I remeber when I wanted to try glysolid glycerin cream.

The reason I wanted to try it out was obvious; the never ending dishes and those dirty looking hands after dishes every time.

Well it worked like a charm, not just on hands, but on dry lips as well. I even used it to heal the dry cracking cheeks of my kido.

As per the company description, it is a high performance skin care product that is carefully formulated for people with sensitive and problem dry skin. And I have no doubt on their claim.

Glysolid Glycerin Cream as it allows skin protection against harsh elements and changing extremes in climate is best for winter care, but all those who have more exposure to water, i.e. household or commercial dish washing, Glysolid Glycerin Cream is the most cost effective option for skin care.

And yes, it’s its also the quickest way to heal dry skin. Use it regularly to get bavk the natural beauty and soft skin.

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