Lately, I have been searching for perfect gifts for a growing family and explored, a lot of options. As a few of my friends are expecting their second and third babies and I know gifting that same old baby kits is not a wise idea. I can relate it to the confusion, when I received tens of Mothercare and Johnson’s baby kits when my child was born.

I believe, a gift for a newborn should be something that they can actually use for quite some time. Baby cot, a stroller, nursing bag etc. So, I started exploring double strollers, because this is something highly useful not just for the newborn but also for his sibling and above all, it’s for the mommy who needs it most!

When it comes to strollers, I am a big fan of Graco, so I looked for Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller.

What I liked most about this stroller is its stadium-style seating; this is very important for the child sitting in the rear, because their curious minds need better view. Moreover, there are snack trays with both seats and each seat can recline for extra comfort when needed. There’s a spacious storage box below the seats, which is good, but may not be accessible very easily. It’s not too difficult to assemble, doesn’t require much space when folded, and can fit two car seats which is a big plus.

I do see, some not so good points like only the rear seat reclines completely flat, so just in case if both the babies sleep at same time, the front seat passenger will not have full comfort. Moreover, there’s a 3 point harness in the seating rather than 5 point which can be bit unsafe.

Overall, I think, it’s a decent stroller in reasonable price, but certainly, there will be some more options with better features. I did a lot of research about the stroller and found the review on this site really helpful. It’s very detailed and explains every bit that I would have missed otherwise.

I am very much interested in gifting Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller, because it has more good points than not so good ones and there are some promotions going on with which I can buy this for a really good price. However, I will check the stroller review website a few more times to find a more valuable option!

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